Tradeshow Booth Design and Architectural Visualization

Sunbrella has a wide range of outdoor shade fabrics and needed an updated presence at an architectural trade show. The sales teams explained that the show is attended by architects and designers who are looking for ideas, so the booth needed to showcase Sunbrella’s creative products in unexpected and inspiring ways.

Tradeshow Booth Design

I began by talking to sales leads to understand the product priority, and coordinated that within the framework of the marketing campaign. I then started thinking about traffic flow through the space, the booth’s placement on the show floor, and how it would be approached.


After the basic layout was approved I began finalizing details of the space and working on the graphic design throughout. I used Blender to create detailed renders of the space to communicate my vision with absolute clarity to the sales team.

I worked closely with the build vendor throughout the construction process. The renders saved a lot of time because the vendor knew exactly what the booth should look like from the outset.

Tradeshow Booth Design